Within Artisanna, Operational Excellence means increasing our customers' satisfaction. Our market position and financial results by ensuring continual quality and cost improvement in our processes, products and services.
Deployment of Operational Excellence enables us to meet the commitments within our Quality Policy. Offering ideas for improvements and new products is an opportunity we all share, a responsibility we must all accept. We seek to promote and reinforce an entrepreneurial spirit allowing us to achieve our quality objectives.
Many of our products are manufactured by craftsmen and carpenters committed to our quality and passionate about what they do. The pride our members take in what we produce is why we can confidently say to you that when you choose ARTISANNA, you made a great choice in terms of quality, service and after-sales service.
Also, every supplier we have is our partner, an extension of our company. They must share our commitment to total quality that matches our customers' requirements.
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